About the INSTALL Specifier Outreach Program

Quotes from the Field

“We whole heartedly thank INSTALL and the Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters, which continue to provide a well-qualified, trained work force to accomplish our goals in our $1.6 billion “Plan for Transformation” to build or rehabilitate approximately 25,000 units of housing.”

Dr. Ike Khan, CPE, CFEP
General Superintendent of Plant Operations Chicago Housing Authority

“INSTALL takes the guess work of who to trust out of the project. Finding reliable people is now made easy by INSTALL.”

Lina Grigaitis, Architect
Silex, LLC
Chicago, IL

“INSTALL not only provides exceptional training to the flooring installers, it reaches out to the Architectural Community by providing quality seminars that assist us with appropriate advice relating to floor preparation, adhesives and material selection.

Ridgeland Associates, Inc. applauds INSTALL’s efforts.”

Zenon Kurdziel
Ridgeland Associates, Inc.
Oak Park, Illinois

INSTALL is committed to educating the specifier community regarding the benefits of including requirements that the use of a properly trained floor covering professional is mandatory on new and/or renovation projects. Therefore, INSTALL has launched a comprehensive, integrated outreach program to various members of the construction specification community. The goal of this outreach is to build awareness of INSTALL in the construction industry audience segment responsible for specifying construction projects, including the selection of labor.

Regional representatives of INSTALL maintain one-on-one communications with specifiers in cities throughout North America. Our field representatives hear from architects regularly about their need to understand flooring industry topics such as causes of moisture and floor failure, adhesives, material selection and the installation process.

Click here for specification language that mandates the use of a competent flooring installer on your project.

INSTALL is also a certified national continuing education provider to several organizations, such as the American Institute of Architects, Construction Specifications Institute, the International Interior Design Association and the International Facility Management Association.

All content is developed by veteran flooring instructors who have an average of 20 years experience. All content is reviewed and approved by a 10-member Labor-Management Committee for the Floor Covering Industry, which possesses a cumulative of more than 500 years of experience in the flooring industry. Content is derived from curriculum that is created based on the advice and counsel of technical and educational representatives from INSTALL industry partners: 70 of the top mills and manufacturers in the floor covering industry. Click here for information about our Continuing Education Programs.