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12/17/2014 - INSTALL Weighs in at IIDEXCanada on Flooring Disasters
When a floor fails in a new building, virtually every head in the project team turns to the flooring contractor for answers. Often blamed for problems...

11/26/2014 - INSTALL Announces Addition of Five New Partner Companies

10/16/2014 - FCICA Announces Support for INSTALL

7/25/2014 - INSTALL Names Stoner Bunting Advertising as Agency of Record

2/15/2014 - INSTALL Registers Gold-Medal Performance in Sochi

2/13/2014 - TalkFloor Radio Features the Doubling of the INSTALL Warranty as its Audio of the Day

1/30/2014 - INSTALL Announces the Doubling of its Warranty Program

6/13/2013 - INSTALL Unveils Warranty & Certified Contractor Program