Major Mills & Manufacturers Endorse INSTALL

The high-quality work performed by INSTALL mechanics remains unparalleled in the floorcovering industry — and industry major manufacturers acknowledge the difference. Here’s what major mills and manufacturers endorsing INSTALL have to say:

“This industry and its technologies are constantly advancing. The many complex issues that face the flooring professional can only be addressed by consistent and intensive training. AAT is convinced that INSTALL is a comprehensive vehicle for consistently delivering this type of training to the floor covering installation professional. We share their philosophy of providing proactive solutions for flooring professionals. We are proud to partner with INSTALL.”

Advanced Adhesive Technologies, Inc.

“ALL FLOOR SUPPLIES is dedicated to the concept of quality as being favorable to business. Partnering with INSTALL will help in combining new products and methods with professional installation techniques.”

All Floor Supplies

“All Purpose Adhesives Company & Premier Carpet Seaming Products are pleased to work with INSTALL to provide ongoing training and quality education. A professional work force will be our industry’s assurance that our customers are completely satisfied with the finished product.”


“INSTALL provides the kind of training the flooring industry needs to ensure that the job is installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.”


“We wholeheartedly embrace the INSTALL concept of a comprehensive, in-depth training program with stringent national standards. Its ability to be delivered at fully equipped modern facilities throughout North America only makes it that much more dependable.”

Armstrong World Industries

“Beaulieu of America recognizes the importance of installer training and industry standards. We fully support INSTALL’s efforts to raise the bar and produce a trained, professional workforce.”

Beaulieu of America

“Understanding product and installation methods are key factors to a successful floor. With INSTALL”

Bentley Mills, Inc.

“With the fast-paced and ever changing flooring industry, Better Life Technology, LLC is proud to partner with INSTALL. We know that with quality trained installation professionals our product will always exceed our valuable customer expectations.”

Better Life Technology, LLC

“ Flooring manufacturers have always appreciated the much needed work and dedication of INSTALL. With the complexity of engineering in flooring products today, constant training and education is needed to add updated knowledge to the craftsmanship of today installations. We applaud and admire the efforts of INSTALL to constantly improve our industry.”

Burke Flooring

“When it comes to floorcovering, nothing is more important for end users to be able to realize a maximum return on investment, than a proper installation. Aesthetics, durability, longevity, avoiding costly downtime and repairs all depend on the job being done right, the first time.  INSTALL’s comprehensive, hands-on training, ensures that all CMP and other Alliance Partner products are installed as per a manufacturer’s recommendations & industry standards. Having the knowledge and training to work with an array of specified materials, skilled INSTALL professionals deliver the superior results required to maintain manufacturer’s warranties. CMP is proud to be a part of the INSTALL Alliance.”

CMP Specialty Products, Inc.

“We decided to join INSTALL because we believed that the nationwide training programs would present the perfect opportunity to educate contractors and installers about the numerous advantages of our products.”


“We are proud with extreme confidence to recommend an INSTALL Certified Flooring Contractor on every project where our products are specified. You are truly the most comprehensively trained installation professionals in our industry. Keep up the great work.”

Contract Options

“Contract Resource Group is proud to endorse INSTALL. Their leadership will lead the way in providing outstanding training ensuring quality installations throughout our industry.”

Contract Resource Group

“Couristan fully supports the training standards established by INSTALL. We recognize the importance of a quality installation and commend INSTALL for providing the industry with well-trained professionals.”


“Dayton Superior recognizes the value of having skilled applicators working with our products to ensure proper installation. INSTALL is not only doing right by the flooring industry, but is doing right by every consumer who expects to be satisfied with their newly installed floor.”

Dayton Superior Corporation

“INSTALL places a tremendous emphasis on training today’s flooring professionals with the latest and most effective techniques. As one of the major manufacturers of moisture meters, we believe that we are in a position to share our experienced educators with INSTALL in their unique position to influence key industry members.”


“Training and education helps ensure quality installation and customer satisfaction. DEPENDABLE is proud of its alliance with INSTALL and shares its dedication of providing a well trained work force.”

DEPENDABLE Floor Products

“Because of INSTALL’s commitment to produce highly trained craftsmen who consistently provide quality installation, it has earned our support.”

Desso Carpets USA

“Nowhere in the floor covering industry can you find a more complete, varied and up-to-date installation training program. The INSTALL program is a career path for the true installation professional. The program is designed to continually educate an individual throughout his career. The curriculum works because it is continually updated with input from partner manufacturers. GET YOUR DEALERS INVOLVED WITH INSTALL, AND SAVE A CLAIM!”

Dewey E. Taylor Consulting

“INSTALL has developed a world-class training curriculum at its local facilities. These programs are ideal for an innovative company like DRYTEK, which is continually developing and improving existing products for the marketplace.”


“Since its inception in 1962, E.J. Welch Co. has supported industry training programs. The INSTALL professional is highly trained and equipped to produce quality installations resulting in greater customer satisfaction. Such high standards and excellent workmanship is something every company vested in the flooring industry should support!”

E.J. Welch Company

“Erickson’s has a long history of promoting installation training. It makes sense to get involved with INSTALL, which will bring this kind of training to the next level. Everyone benefits in the flooring industry when the consumer gets a quality product installed right.”

Erickson’s Flooring & Supply

“Products are only as good as the people who INSTALL them. Fin Pan, Inc. believes in and supports the mission of INSTALL to train and educate their installers. Our products have been designed to make the installer’s job easier and more reliable. We are excited to join in and become part of the INSTALL Alliance and partner in their mission.”

Fin Pan, Inc.

“FlashCove Prefabricated Bases has a lot of faith in INSTALL. Their training centers are equipped to ensure that the next generation of installers who are the best they can be.”

FlashCove Prefabricated Bases

“With the fast pace of today’s installation world, many installation methods are not passed down as in previous years. INSTALL focuses on these values of quality craftsmanship with each installer through their program. FLEXCO is very proud to be part of the INSTALL alliance.”

Flexco Floors

“Forbo recognizes the caliber of training provided by the INSTALL program and appreciates INSTALL’s dedication to including manufacturer representatives in the curriculum development process. We are proud to be part of the INSTALL alliance.”


“Fortane™ applauds INSTALL in creating a forum for manufacturers to contribute to INSTALL’s comprehensive curriculum. Educating installers on the standards and techniques necessary for a quality installation benefits all parties in the floor covering industry. We look forward to working with INSTALL.”


“Fortune Contract is proud to be associated with INSTALL. We strongly support the quality training, education and support offered to professional carpet installers responsible for the installation of Fortune products throughout the country.”

Fortune Contract

“Free Lay™ Products, LLC is proud to be partnering with INSTALL to offer a comprehensive, hands-on training program for the revolutionary Free Lay™ Carpet Installation System. We value and respect the importance of quality carpet installation, and its impact on performance. Our partnership with INSTALL will enhance the already robust education offered by INSTALL allowing members access to cutting edge installation technology.”

Free Lay™ Products

“Graf Brothers Flooring believes that the installation training standards that INSTALL is conveying to the flooring industry is an utmost critical element in the longevity of the floor and ultimate satisfaction of the end user.”

Graf Brothers Flooring

“INSTALL contractors are talking the talk and getting the GCs to pay more attention to moisture. Things are getting done and we’re seeing progress because of INSTALL.”

H.B. Fuller Construction Products, maker of TEC and CHAPCO brand products

“We believe that training, education, and certification are the core elements to successful installations and satisfied customers. Healthier Choice is excited to partner with INSTALL and fully support their comprehensive and professional approach to raising the bar for quality installation practices. The flooring industry needs INSTALL’s ability to create new generations of highly competent installation professionals”

Healthier Choice

“In our view INSTALL is the only true joint apprenticeship and training program in the North American flooring industry today that combines classroom education with hands on instruction and experience. This is the true essence of what is required from a floor covering professional. We consider it a privilege to be associated with INSTALL from the beginning and will continue to shout its praises in support!”


“Successful installations are the cornerstone of building a vibrant and effective green building movement. As a leader in the emerging green building movement, Greenmaker recognizes that to be truly sustainable a product must have proper installation or risk damaging the green movement as a whole. Greenmaker Industries and its related brands are proud to partner with INSTALL to ensure that contractors are installing our product properly. The INSTALL program provides us with piece of mind that professional installers are getting the training they need to make green construction work for them and for the good of our planet.”


“Impax is pleased to establish an alliance with INSTALL. Through its focus on training, quality and safety, INSTALL demonstrates a genuine commitment to the future of the floor covering industry.”

Impax Technology Group

“InstaFloor® North America is thrilled to partner with the INSTALL organization. The philosophy of INSTALL is exactly in line with the philosophy of InstaFloor North America LLC: Supporting our world by providing floor installation solutions and education. InstaLay® is a peel and stick installation method which makes it possible to use one installation method for Wood, Bamboo, Laminate, Carpet Tiles, and LVT Floors. InstaLay is  green product with low VOC’s and a 3mm rubber cushion which makes installation easier on the installer, the adhesive layer also makes installation clean, fast, and easy.”

InstaFloor North America, LLC

“We recognize the importance of professionally trained flooring installers to enhance the satisfaction of our end users. INSTALL understands the unique differences in modular tile and broadloom installation and is setting the bar for training standards in all methods of installation. It speaks volumes to us that our customers are also choosing INSTALL to train their people, and we are happy to be a part of the INSTALL alliance.”


“ITW Industrial Fastening supports the comprehensive training and education that INSTALL floor layers receive. It is imperative for a successful installation that the appropriate tools and fasteners be used for the many different applications of floor coverings. INSTALL provides this type of training and knowledge within its curriculum.”

ITW Industrial Fastening, Manufacturer of Duo-Fast and Paslode Brands

“Our partnership with INSTALL ensures that floor covering professionals in this industry are equipped with the skills that are necessary to install J&J Industries’ products properly and efficiently.”

J&J Industries

“Tarkett understands the importance of proper installation and providing the customer with a finished floor that will meet their expectations. Tarkett is proud to support and endorse INSTALL. The initiatives and continued advancements of the INSTALL program over the past several years which include; the standardization of the training curriculum and development of the certification program, the security provided with the INSTALL Labor Warranty, and the safety techniques presented in "Best Practices in Healthcare Construction in Occupied Facilities" are all resources that contribute to the professional qualifications and overall success of the INSTALL Certified Installers and Flooring Contractors.”

Johnsonite Tarkett

“Kährs is committed to being the leading educator in the industry and is proud to be associated with an organization such as INSTALL that shares our vision.”

Kahrs International

“Joining INSTALL was an easy decision. In the U.S. flooring industry there has been a consistently growing demand for design flooring. Increasing proportionally is the need for skilled craftsmen to install these floors. Partnering with INSTALL was a natural, given their commitment to ongoing training of the flooring installers and their promotion of this relationship to consumers who are looking for quality products professionally installed.”


“KOSTER American is proud to be affiliated with an organization that takes training as serious as we do. Our product is only as good as the applicator installing it. Having the proper knowledge and training leads to higher quality installs and fewer callbacks to the project. KOSTER American fully endorses the INSTALL philosophy.”

Koster American Corporation

“LATICRETE SUPERCAP as a product is all about providing better finished flooring installations. INSTALL shares that mission and we are proud to be their partner.”


“Our alliance with INSTALL provides the training and education necessary to install Legacy Cements products properly and efficiently. We support INSTALL’s commitment to raise industry standards and assure customer satisfaction.”

Legacy Cements

“INSTALL is the only installation training program that educates and instructs in the intricacies and technologies of floor covering installation. It is the most professionally operated and most comprehensive installation training program available.”

LGM & Associates

“To protect the integrity of Lonseal, Inc. and to insure the observance and compliance of industry standards, we recommend the use of INSTALL trained and certified mechanics, and the specification of INSTALL contractors for the installation of our floor covering materials and tools. Lonseal, Inc. has chosen to partner with INSTALL for the confidence that training of installers will be consistent with our requirements and industry standards, guaranteeing our customers will have a quality installation.”

Lonseal, Inc.

“Mannington has a long history of supporting training for installation professionals. INSTALL has designed an installation training program that is broad in scope, sustainable and practicable. We applaud their efforts and insightfulness.”

Mannington Mills

“Quality, professionalism and training go a long way in a changing industry like ours. MAPEI has built its business around these three elements, and we are proud to support an organization like INSTALL, which shares the same philosophy.”


“At Mats Inc., we appreciate the value of professionally trained flooring installers. A good installation is critical to our customers’ satisfaction. We are proud to partner with INSTALL. It’s a relationship that’s good for our customers. And that makes it good for our business.”

Mats, Inc.

“MeasureSquare is thrilled to be partnering with INSTALL. We fully support INSTALL’s dedication to elevating installation standards by using the most innovative training methods and technology. Our partnership will complement an already powerful training program offered by INSTALL. MeasureSquare’s cutting edge software increases installers efficiency by integrating a Leica laser for onsite measures andeliminates installer mishaps by providing clean take-off reports, cut sheets and seam diagrams.”


“At Metroflor Corporation it is our core philosophy to not only produce quality, safe and sustainable products, but to also ensure that our products are installed to the highest standard. Success is based on communication between all parties, good preparation, and attention to detail and by following instructions. The INSTALL alliance program is an important vehicle which encourages collaboration between all parties to impart the knowledge and training of skill sets necessary in today's marketplace. We are proud to announce our affiliation with INSTALL as an alliance member and recommend INSTALL contractors for the installation of our products.”

Metroflor Corporation

“INSTALL is the only organization that creates new installers in a focused, funded, and manufacturer-approved manner. Milliken applauds this effort and supports INSTALL as the vehicle of choice for acquiring the skills to be a professional flooring mechanic.”

Milliken Carpet

“UltraplyXL Premium Plywood Underlayment was developed by installers for installers. UltraplyXL is very excited to partner with INSTALL , the best installers in the flooring business.”

Moreland Flooring

“The INSTALL program will allow us to reach a larger wood flooring audience in an effort to promote and advance industry standards for quality workmanship.”

National Wood Flooring Association

“nora systems, Inc. is proud to be a part of the INSTALL alliance. By offering an outstanding training facility and through the commitment of dedicated individuals, INSTALL works to advance the industry as a whole. Together we can all take “customer satisfaction” to a new level.”

nora systems

“Oscoda Plastics is proud to partner with INSTALL. Their state-of-the-art training facilities and highly skilled training staff provide us with peace of mind that our flooring is being installed correctly and to our specifications.”

Oscoda Plastics, Manufacturer of PROTECT-ALL Commercial Flooring

“INSTALL has become an excellent tool for ‘easier training.’ Today, with time being an issue for everything we do, INSTALL has found a way to reach those who need information and training in the floor covering industry.”

PARABOND Installation Products

“Pergo, Inc. is pleased to recognize INSTALL’s Certified floor covering program. Providing the floor covering industry with reliable, thoroughly trained installers is a goal shared by Pergo, Inc.”


“Prospec, LLC markets wood and resilient flooring products to the specification community: Pro Wood & Flooring Systems, distributes these products to quality installers. We are proud to be associated with the INSTALL Program. The INSTALL training and quality assurance message provides comfort and confidence to project design and supply.”

Pro Wood & Flooring Systems

“Many of our customers are highly trained and educated professionals thanks to the INSTALL Training Program. Therefore, we have a 100% commitment to provide these top industry professionals with the best products available for total comfort and protection. Healthy knees and in depth training enhances the future of these professionals.”


“We fully support the INSTALL commitment to raising the installation standards in the floor covering industry. This program fosters craftsmen who take their responsibility seriously, have pride in their work, and strive for excellence in quality installations.”

Q.E.P. /ROBERTS Consolidated Industries

“When we know that a project is going to completed with INSTALL trained installers, there is a confidence level that we don't necessarily have with other mechanics. We know the training is unmatched and provides them with the skills necessary to address unique installation challenges. In addition, the experience they receive with products from multiple manufacturers is invaluable as they are consistently involved in a vast array of room applications.”

Radio Distributing Co.

“In order to perpetuate the flooring industry, we must have qualified training institutions.”

Ray Thompson Floor Covering Institute

“Roppe Holding Company and our respective product brands, Roppe Corporation and Flexco Floors, support the exceptional training standards established by INSTALL. Our organizations recognize the importance of proper education and training, which is vital to secure the future growth of our industry. Therefore, we commend INSTALL’s commitment in providing an excellent education and training program.”

Roppe Holding Corporation

“In today's renovation market there are many subfloor and flooring challenges professional floor installers encounter every day. It is for that reason Sch”


“Seam Master recognizes that comprehensive training is vital to quality installation. INSTALL not only offers superior training but trains on the newest and most innovative methods. We appreciate being part of the INSTALL team.”

Seam Master Industries

“We have reviewed in depth the INSTALL program and find it to be superior in all regards. We enthusiastically support this effort.”

Shaw Industries

“Silpro believes the education and training provided by INSTALL raises the bar across the flooring industry, producing better methods, better craftsmen and, ultimately, better installations.”


“Skehan & Associates is proud to be associated with INSTALL and the high quality installation training programs it offers to the industry.”

Skehan & Associates

“CoMc, maker of Avaire floating tile system, is proud to partner with INSTALL to deliver comprehensive, in-depth training to floorcovering installation professionals. As a newer technology, we place the highest level of importance on thorough installation training to ensure long-lasting results and complete customer satisfaction.”


“The Southland Group has always supported education and training of flooring installers. Southland supports INSTALL with its comprehensive curriculum, four-year training program, and on-the-job training. No other program offers such in-depth training as INSTALL.”

Southland Flooring Supplies

“Much of Sponge Cushion’s success is directly dependent on the installation quality of our TredMOR™, Dubl-STIK™ products. Therefore, we strongly support and encourage the efforts of the INSTALL program to provide the industry with highly trained, professional installers/craftsmen.”

Sponge Cushion

“Today's product developments are requiring more training as the industry standards change. We are proud to lend our 180 years of experience and expertise in flooring adhesives to INSTALL. We look forward to participating with them and enhancing education and skills of their many professionals and members. Install provides a unique dynamic of offering a venue in which to accomplish the growth of our industry.”

Stauf USA

“Tandus supports any and all attempts to improve and enhance the skills of the installation community. As you know, carpet is either in a box or on a roll, sitting there adding no value until it is installed. What INSTALL is doing is offering a comprehensive program to raise the level of awareness and skills in the marketplace. Tandus respects and appreciated the time, effort and energy, INSTALL is making in this area.”


“We believe very strongly in the work that INSTALL is doing to provide quality, long-term training. INSTALL is truly in a class by itself as an ongoing resource for the development of their members.”

Taylor Tools

“INSTALL takes the challenges of our fast-paced industry and responds with training that keeps installers on the cutting edge.”


“Tek Stil Concepts, Inc. applauds the INSTALL training program. The success of our high technology flooring products can only be assured with trained installation professionals. The INSTALL training program assures the quality of installation.”

Tek Stil Concepts

“Formulators/Aquaflex is proud to be a partner to the INSTALL alliance. Formulators believes transformative innovation is essential to economic success and prosperity. Innovation will always follow fundamental education and preparing skilled professionals to confront the installation challenges of today's flooring industry is the first step...INSTALL provides the ground work necessary for achieving this success.”

The Formulators

“The Mohawk Group recognizes the excellent effort INSTALL is making in certifying floor covering installation professionals in our industry. INSTALL’s commitment to ongoing training and their comprehensive approach to ensure highly trained professional installers is applauded and appreciated.”

The Mohawk Group

“TOP LEVEL TOOLS fully supports INSTALL's commitment to train floor covering professionals in the use of the latest innovative tools and cutting-edge techniques. INSTALL is directly responsible for higher quality installations and a stronger floorcovering industry. We are proud to join the alliance.”


“ Traxx Corporation is in alignment and supports the exceptional training standards established by INSTALL.  Our organization recognizes that quality products, offering installation solutions, and quality installations produce the best results. INSTALL teaches comprehensive techniques and skills along with educating the installers on the newest products. Traxx is proud of its alliance with INSTALL and shares in their dedication to training.”

Traxx Corporation

“ Turbo Heat Welding is pleased to partner with INSTALL to deliver the highest quality of floor welding training across their training centers in North America. We support INSTALL and their commitment to high quality training using the very best tools in the industry.”

Turbo Heat Welding Tools

“Ulster recognizes INSTALL’s dedication to raising floor covering industry standards through comprehensive training. The INSTALL concepts of training and professionalism are consistent with Ulster’s dedication to quality. We are proud to be an active member in the INSTALL alliance.”


“With Install, we know we are part of the best network for flooring professionals.”

Uniseal Solutions, Inc.

“Upofloor acknowledges INSTALL's achievements in installer training and education to ensure superior flooring installations. INSTALL has earned our support because of their commitment to strengthen the industry as a whole. We are proud to join the INSTALL alliance.”


“Velcro USA Inc. strives to provide the highest quality products and believes that properly trained installers are critical to delivering complete customer satisfaction. The Velcro Companies worldwide have long supported employee education and training and the philosophy that INSTALL and its alliance promotes and represents.”


“INSTALL is partnering with the flooring industry to train installers to do it right the first time through a four-year intensive training program. The W.F. Taylor Company is proud to partner with INSTALL.”

W.F. Taylor Company

“Wagner Electronics fully supports the INSTALL commitment to providing floor covering professionals with an in-depth, comprehensive training program that’s essential to successful installations.”

Wagner Electronics

“Winkelman Sales, Inc. has the best tools for welding floor seams (LEISTER). After many years of helping the trades with training, INSTALL invited Winkelman Sales to be a partner with their organization. We gladly accepted the invitation. The best tools in the world are no good if you do not have the artist make them shine. Good tools make the job easy.”

Winkleman Sales, Inc.

“XL Brands unconditionally endorses and embraces the philosophy that INSTALL represents! Effective and available installation training can only impact the entire industry in a positive manner.”

XL Brands